Mobile fertigation trolleys for nurseries

Dosing Systems Australia introduces a new range of mobile fertigation
trolleys designed for production nurseries to micromanage individual plant nutrition
requirements. These mobile fertigation trolleys can also be used to keep stock
plants healthy in retail nurseries.

Dosing Systems’ mobile fertigation trolley consists of a Dosmatic
SuperDos 20 2.5% mounted on a trolley to provide an injection range of 0.2% to
2.5%. Being water-driven, SuperDos 20 doesn’t require electricity for operation.
However different injectors can be incorporated depending on specific needs.

The custom made fertigation trolleys can be tailored to suit specific
requirements including multiple outlets to allow for more than one operator; larger
pipework for higher water flows; and designated trolley for disinfection of
work areas.

The schedule 80 plumbing on the fertigation
trolley allows for fresh water irrigation at the turn of a ball-valve. The inlet
and outlet are positioned low near the wheels for stability when moving the
hose. The fertigation trolley has a 30-litre concentration tank for extended in-field

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