MixRite PVDF injectors for harsh chemicals

MixRite offers a range of water driven injectors constructed from PVDF and
suitable for volumetric dosing with harsh chemicals. PVDF or polyvinylidene
fluoride, also known in the plastics industry as Kynar, displays exceptional
chemical compatibility characteristics, and can be used in conjunction with an extremely
wide range of chemicals without degradation.

There is a high failure rate of volumetric technology brands when used
with a range of chemicals. Consequently, volumetric injection technology has been
deemed unsuitable for applications involving chemicals.

Available from Dosing Systems Australia, MixRite’s injectors are made
from PVDF, allowing for volumetric dosing with a far greater range of harsh
chemicals. MixRite’s PVDF injectors are recommended for use with proprietary
chemical blends when full disclosure of chemical compound is not known.

PVDF offers excellent resistance to most acids, aromatic hydrocarbons and
alcohols, and can also be used with a range of solvents and oxidising

Contact Dosing Systems Australia to discuss the
right injector for your requirements.

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