Miniature neural recording headstage for small animals

The CerePlex µ from Blackrock Microsystems is an extremely small and
lightweight digital headstage designed to enable users to track the behaviour
and subtle movements of small animals. Weighing about one gram, the CerePlex µ provides
a platform for simple neural stimulation and tracking in freely moving mice,
rats, birds and other small animals.

The one-gram weight of the miniature device allows tracking and
recording to be done without the animal being aware of it. Users can track behaviour
and movements of the animal beyond the traditional video-based approach or EMG
recordings. These include freezing and anxiety, grooming, rearing, movement
initiation/ termination within operant tasks, circadian rhythms and disease
states (turning, shaking, etc.). The CerePlex µ can also be used for in-vivo
impedance measurements.

Key features of the CerePlex µ digital headstage include built-in 6-axis
motion sensor (3D accelerometer/ gyroscope) allowing detection of a variety of
subtle movements and behaviours with high temporal precision; built-in colour
or IR LED for tracking; interface between Cerebus or CerePlex Direct recording
systems; up to 32 microelectrodes for high-fidelity transmission and recording
of extracellular spikes and local field potentials from the brain; and on-board
accelerometer and gyrometer for monitoring animal behaviour.

For more information, please visit the Scitech
website or call (03)
9480 4999.

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