MicroFlex array for electrophysiological recording and stimulation

Scitech presents the MicroFlex array from Blackrock Microsystems, a newly
released multisite flexible depth electrode array for use in electrophysiological
recording and stimulation applications involving small as well as large

The MicroFlex is a flexible, polyimide-based multi-electrode array for
acute and chronic preparations, and optimised for isolated single unit,
multi-unit and local field potential recordings. The flexible nature of the
electrodes prevents tissue damage, and ensures that the implantation process is
more seamless than other invasive electrodes. MicroFlex array is suitable for
both small and large animals.

The implantation process is gentle for the neural tissue in comparison
to other invasive electrodes. The MicroFlex array’s size and flexibility allow
for a minimally invasive implantation and an enhanced electrode lifetime. The
array can be implanted through the dura mater with the help of an inserter
needle, eliminating the need for large craniotomies, or opening the dura during
implantation. This ground-breaking insertion mechanism is currently patent
pending, and can be placed at any depth, including the hippocampus.

The MicroFlex array is compatible with Omnetics connectors (standard or
Ni-free for MRI applications), 1024 Ch LGA with standard-sized pedestal and Standard
Cereport pedestal (with female Molex connectors).

For more information, please visit the Scitech website www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480 4999.

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