Michell’s portable hygrometer for convenient dew point spot checks

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration introduces a new range of compact
portable hygrometers designed to simplify spot checking of dew point or
moisture content down to -50¡C.

The MDM50 portable hygrometer from Michell Instruments comes with its
own self-contained sampling system, enabling the instrument to be easily set up
by simply connecting the hose to the sample point. The integral sampling system
allows for dew point measurements to be made at pressure up to 20 barg, with an
option to measure up to 300 barg. The integrated filter removes particulates
down to 0.3μm, which provides 99.5% protection to the sensor.

The long battery life of the MDM50 portable hygrometer allows an
operation time of 16 hours on one full charge, enabling users to work all day
without having to stop for recharging. This feature is especially advantageous
in the field in locations with limited access to charging points. The universal
charger fits neatly into the case when not in use.

Key features of the MDM50 portable hygrometers include fast-responding
polymer moisture sensor providing rapid dew point measurements in compressed
air – T95 to -35¡C from ambient typically in less than 5 minutes; highly stable
sensing element resistant to contamination; and robust and sturdy case, all
contributing to excellent performance in the tough conditions of industrial

The MDM50 portable hygrometers are used to measure dew point in
compressed/instrument air dryers, and take moisture measurements in medical
gases, polymer chip and the output from refrigerated dryers.

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