Michell’s oxygen analyser lowers emissions, increases fuel efficiency in combustion

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the availability of a new
oxygen analyser from Michell Instruments designed to monitor oxygen levels in
combustion processes.

Michell’s XZR500 combustion control oxygen analyser determines the
optimum amount of air needed for combustion, ensuring efficient use of fuel and
potentially saving thousands of dollars. Monitoring oxygen levels in combustion
processes is necessary since a reduced oxygen level could use up more fuel
while excess oxygen may result in a fast burn, releasing a high level of
emissions such as mono-nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx), carbon
dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO).

The XZR500 monitors the exhaust gas for excess oxygen, ensuring that the
conditions are kept close to stoichiometric (ideal) levels. Michell’s Zirconium
Oxide oxygen sensor featuring a metallic sealed reference (MSRS) for long-term
reliability is used by the analyser for monitoring oxygen. Placed in an
isothermal oven within the analyser (not the probe), the sensor negates the
effects of varying high temperatures as well as the corrosive nature of the gas,
reducing maintenance time. The sensor can be easily replaced within minutes
without interrupting the process. Since the MSRS provides its own reference, a
single calibration gas can be used.

Key components of the XZR500 combustion control oxygen analysers include
a control unit, which can be placed at ground-level for convenience; a sensor
head close-coupled to the stack for ease of installation and quick response;
and a variety of probe materials allowing a wide range of applications to be
addressed with ease and confidence. The Pitot effect is used by the probes in
most applications to extract non-conditioned sample gas from the process to the
sensor head and back to the flue. The XZR500 has ceramic probes capable of
operating effectively in temperatures up to 1300¡C.

The XZR500 combustion control oxygen analyser is typically used to
determine combustion efficiency in boilers, industrial waste incinerators and
crematoria. When operated in extremely dirty applications such as coal-fired
power stations, the XZR500 can be used with a blow-back mechanism for increased
reliability in readings and reduced manual intervention.

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