Michell’s new sampling system to measure trace moisture in hazardous areas

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces a new configurable
sampling system from Michell Instruments designed to simplify trace moisture
measurements in hazardous areas.

Michell Instruments’ ES70 simplifies the process of specifying complex,
multi-optioned sampling systems, ensuring the correct options are selected while
also reducing lead times.

Configuring a sampling system is as simple as the user picking one
option from each category to fit their application. Choices include hazardous
area certification, enclosure type, moisture measurement in gases or liquids,
and sample conditioning options such as filtration, cooling/ heating and flow

The ES70 is available with Michell’s Promet I.S., Liquidew I.S., Easidew
PRO XP or Easidew PRO I.S. sensors. These industry-proven options measure trace
moisture in process gases down to -100¡C dp and in hydrocarbon liquids down to
0.001 ppmW.

For more information,
please visit the AMS Instrumentation and Calibration www.ams-ic.com.au or call 03-9017 8225, or
Freecall (NZ) 0800 442 743. 

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