Metromatics releases next gen processor boards

Acromag announces the release of a new high performance range of 6U VME
single board computers based on the 4th Generation Intel Core i7 or i5
processor and utilising the Intel 8-Series QM87 PCH chipset for extensive I/O

Acromag’s new XVME-6410 features up to 16GB of high-speed DDR3L
removable memory and optional 1-64GB flash memory, with Acromag Built-In Test
(BIT) software providing exceptional test coverage through Power-On BIT (PBIT).

Key features of the air-cooled XVME-6410 include dual PMC/XMC sites,
expansion capabilities, Microsoft Windows and Linux software support, and
removable memory in addition to ROHS compliance and extended temperature
options on various model configurations.

Suitable for updating legacy systems or starting a new application, Acromag’s
new XVME-6410 single board computer features Intel processors that deliver
significant performance advancements including enhanced microarchitecture and
integrated graphics.

The XVME-6410 utilises Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0 for enhanced
performance on floating point-intensive applications and Hyper-Threading
Technology enabling each core to use two software threads for more efficient use
of the CPU.

The module can support either one or two DDR3L ECC SODIMMs, for a total
of up to 16GB. The SODIMMs are firmly attached to the module with screws and
surrounded by heat sink material to provide a mechanically and thermally robust

Acromag’s XVME-6410 single board computers are available in extended
temperature models for operating in a -40¡C to +75¡C range. Feature highlights
also include two PMC/XMC sites usable in any combination; optional P0 connector
allowing two Gigabit Ethernet connections; optional XBRD-9060 I/O expander
module; and optional XVME-9640 rear-transition module for easy access to P2
connector’s I/O signals.

Acromag is represented in Australia and New
Zealand by Metromatics.

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