Metromatics releases new low bias miniature accelerometers by Dytran Instruments

Dytran Instruments has launched a new range of high performance IEPE
accelerometers designed for down-hole drill head vibration monitoring and various
low turn-on voltage applications.

Vibration monitoring sensors developed for down-hole applications are
required to deliver accurate and reliable data in harsh conditions. Critical requirements
include a miniature design, high temperature operation, and the ability to
operate at low power levels.

Developed specifically for these applications, Dytran model 3205B
accelerometers are packaged in a miniature titanium housing with a vertical
height of just 7.1mm, specially designed to operate from +4.0 to +4.5 VDC
compliance voltage, and capable of operating at temperatures up to +175¡C.

Key features of Dytran model 3205B miniature accelerometers also include
2 mV/g sensitivity; adhesive mounting capabilities; 2gm weight; and 35-inch
integral cable assembly terminating to flying leads.

Metromatics distributes Dytran Instruments products in Australia and New

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