Metromatics releases data acquisition modules

The new TRION data acquisition modules are designed to combine the power
of simultaneous sampling 24 bit ADC technology with advanced Dewetron signal
conditioning in one convenient module that plugs right into the DEWE2 platform.

The simultaneous sampling TRION modules from Dewetron represent the core
of the DEWE2 series data acquisition systems.

TRION modules provide the timing backbone that allows the user to record
disparate data sources in perfect sync with each other. TRION cards are
available for a wide variety of analogue inputs as well as digital I/O lines,
synchronous counter/encoders, and timing and sync interfaces. There are also
TRION modules for CAN-bus interfacing.

The desired TRION modules can be selected and plugged into the DEWE2
platform. TRION cards are identified automatically and configured within the
software as soon as they are launched.

Key features of TRION data acquisition modules include simultaneous
sampling for all analogue input modules; separate ADC on each channel; 24-bit
resolution with anti-aliasing filters; synchronous counter/encoder inputs and
digital I/O lines; CAN-bus interfacing; counter, digital I/O and timing modules;
and ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553 bus.

Counter/encoder inputs of TRION modules are phase synchronised. While a
standard counter is always a sample behind, only Dewetron’s advanced technology
is both fully phase and amplitude correct.

Dewetron is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics

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