Metromatics releases Crystal Group’s carbon fibre rugged servers

The Crystal Group announces the launch of the new RS2516PS18 rugged 2U servers
made from lightweight carbon fibre and strain-hardened aircraft aluminium to
suit harsh environments. The new rugged range of servers is recommended for use
in military, oil and gas, mining and other industrial or harsh environment applications.

Delivering high data storage capability in a compact 2U design, the RS2516PS18
server measures 46cm in depth and weighs 11.3kg. The carbon fibre and aluminium
construction of the rugged server suits lightweight and high data density
applications. The unit can be configured for 24 by 9mm SSDs or 16 hot swappable
drives. A rear I/O is provided for power and SAS connections, and the unit can
be mounted on Jonathan rails or Delrin glides.

Designed to benefit customers looking to put large amounts of storage
into a compact lightweight form factor, the new RS2516PS18 server can be
configured with 24 hot swappable SATA/SAS disks while still maintaining the
shock/vibe levels familiar to customers. The server also retains the same
thermal profile of -40¡C to +55¡C without any degradation in computational

Key features of the RS2516PS18 servers include air cooled unit with six
high speed, high volume, low noise fans; power-efficient performance delivered
by a 460W AC power supply or a 425W 18-36VDC supply; and rugged storage device
available with optional humidity and EMI kits.

Independent test labs certify Crystal Group’s RS2516PS18 rugged 2U server
meets requirements for MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-461, and FCC Class A

Crystal Group is represented in Australia and New Zealand by

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