Megger TM1760 circuit breaker analyser system from TechRentals

Test and measurement equipment rental specialist TechRentals Pty Ltd
announces the availability of the Megger TM1760 circuit breaker analyser system
designed to deliver accurate test results.

Featuring advanced technology to achieve safe, efficient, and reliable
circuit breaker testing, the Megger TM1760 circuit breaker analyser will ensure
accuracy even in noisy high voltage substations.

The device allows quick and safe testing to be conducted with a built-in
PC and the patented DualGround method, keeping both sides of the circuit
breaker grounded. Galvanically isolated inputs and outputs allow all relevant
measurements to be performed in one test, eliminating the need for new setup
and reconnections.

Megger TM1760 circuit breaker analysers find application in timing
measurements, coil current testing, and dynamic resistance measurement.

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