Measure mobile gap with highest precision dual-channel handheld capacitive gauge

Bestech Australia announces the release of
capaNCDT MD6-22 handheld capacitive gauge from Micro Epsilon. It is designed
for measuring mobile gap and distances with high accuracy and versatility. This
dual-channel handheld capacitive gauge featuring two connections for two
sensors or one dual-channel sensor. Featuring up to 5 hours of battery life, the
measurement system also incorporates intuitive touch operation that enables all
the parameters to be set quickly. It also has a rear magnet that enables
on-site mounting. The measured data are displayed and can also be stored in the
SD card.

This capacitive handheld gauge is compatible
with all Micro-Epsilon capacitive sensors. It is highly recommended to do a
recalibration in the factory while replacing the sensors to maintain high
accuracy and preciseness in measurements. Offering three different measurement
modes, this sensor can be used to conduct one-sided and two-sided gap
measurement as well as raw distance measurement using maximum of two
displacement sensors. It also offers an automatic gap detection feature which
adjust the sensors to align parallelly flat when incorporating double-sided gap
measurements. The system itself identifies the correct gap and displays the

This advanced capacitive measurement system is
ideal for measurement on all conductive objects. In industrial applications,
the capaNCDT MD6-22 mobile gauge is ideal for mobile applications in service
and maintenance tasks such as monitoring rotor gap in gas turbines as well as
to measure air gap between the turbine blade and the housing.

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