Making Techline products even better

Actuation solutions specialist LINAK has invested in new advanced tools
to meet the higher performance requirements sought by users in Techline

Techline products in recent years have been focussed on the agricultural
and construction industries and LINAK is recognised as the right alternative to
current hydraulic solutions. Customers in these segments are now increasingly
demanding new features as well as more durability.

New features introduced in Techline products as a result of close
customer collaboration include the LINbus proportional control interface and
the ability to run at very low and high temperatures. There are also
significantly increased demands on the electronics with regard to EMC, load
pulses etc.

Vibration resistance is the current challenge for LINAK with the new
requirements being approximately five times greater than the vibration test
passed previously.

To test the performance of their products against higher requirements, LINAK
has invested in calculation and simulation tools where the various stress loads
can be simulated on the product to find the weakest areas.

LINAK will continue to invest in new equipment to meet higher test
requirements and make better products.

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