Maintenance free, lubrication free linear guides from Treotham

Treotham presents a range of drylin linear guides featuring a robust
design for use in almost any application in a broad variety of environments.

Based on the principle of ‘gliding instead of rolling’, drylin linear
guides, unlike the recirculating ball systems, run on sliding elements made of
high-performance polymers and achieve the best wear rates and coefficients of
friction. This principle allows a lubrication-free as well as maintenance-free
dry operation, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance times and costs
incurred by process stoppages.

The robust drylin linear guides can be used safely even in extreme environments.
Unlike recirculating ball bearings, drylin linear guides can be used
irrespective of the length of travel and do not set any conditions for a
minimum stroke length.

The drylin linear guides traverse in dry operation and are, therefore,
maintenance-free and insensitive to influences such as dirt, water, chemicals,
heat or impact. Additionally, they are lightweight and have a very low noise
because of the materials used and the special design.

Whether in mechanical engineering, automobile manufacturing, hygienic
environments or in the robot industry, Treotham offers customised support for
special applications.

Call Treotham today on 1300 65 75 64 to speak with a specialist or
request a free drylin linear guides sample box.

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