Maintain head count restrictions at venues with number cards

Allplastics Engineering offers an innovative
solution to venues to ensure they follow the rules on the maximum number of
guests allowed inside following COVID-19 restrictions.

the COVID-19 outbreak, major recreational facilities are permitted to have up
to 25% of the normal capacity of the venue. However, keeping track of people
entering and leaving the venue can get confusing for the staff. Allplastics
offers printed acrylic number plates that can be handed over to guests as they
enter the venue.

The numbers are printed on acrylic shapes
(circles, squares and rectangles) and distributed to customers when
they enter the facility. The number plates are collected on the way out or with
the bill payment. A look at the number cards will inform the staff about the
exact number of people still inside the venue.

Venues also have the option to personalise
these number plates with their branding including logos, colours and unique designs.
Acrylic sheets offer excellent impact resistance, are lightweight and fully
recyclable, and also available in many colours, tints and surface textures to
meet specific client requirements in various situations.

Allplastics Engineering has the experience
in providing quality custom made signage, numbers, logos and letters while
stocking a wide spectrum of materials to meet different needs. Allplastics can
provide you with complete printed signage on acrylic, polycarbonate, or expanded
PVC and multi-layered HDPE sheets among others. Using CNC routing, all designs
can be made directly from your artwork utilising a wide array of colour

In these tough times, let Allplastics assist
you in making your venue a safer and user-friendly place for guests and staff. 

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