Magnet Sales releases more powerful rare earth magnets

Magnet Sales Australia presents a range of very powerful rare earth pot
magnets ideal for holding, actuating, pulling, pushing, hanging, locating,
separating and retrieving uses.

Magnet Sales Australia’s RE60 rare earth pot magnets are available in a large
range of sizes, and come with a straight hole, a counter sunk hole on the face
of the magnet, a threaded boss with or without a hook, or a male thread out of the
back of the magnet.

Key applications of RE60 rare earth pot magnets include holding
temporary safety or advisory flags on railways or industrial sites; keeping
trailer, horse float, cold room or blast room doors open or closed; locating
and retrieving boring tooling; document holding on office or factory walls; switch
actuating; cable hanging; string line tie downs on building sites; and during concreting
where reo off-cuts need removal before slab is poured.

Users of RE60 rare earth pot magnets from Magnet Sales Australia can
save considerable time and money in various applications.

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