Magnet Sales cable mates aiding in reduction of tripping hazards on site

Cable Mate magnetic cable holders available from Magnet Sales Australia
have been used at workplaces for many years to eliminate trip hazards caused by
unmanageable cables.

Workplace Health and Safety statistics indicate that messy and
disorganised machine cables and hoses are responsible for causing a large
proportion of workplace injuries, creating a major Occupational Health &
Safety (OHS) concern.

Magnet Sales Australia’s Cable Mate magnetic cable holders offer a quick
and inexpensive way to eliminate trip hazards and reduce OHS concerns. The
easy-to-use Cable Mates have a holding strength of up to 25kg, with the resilient
magnet able to support numerous cables and hoses together, using a uniquely
designed electrically safe, plastic adjustable strap. Cable Mates can be fitted
permanently and can also be removed easily to place elsewhere.

The Cable Mate magnetic cable holders offer a proven solution for
storing cables, leads, hoses and wires in a practical and safe position, helping
to create safer workplace areas.

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