Machined cast nylon parts for tough industrial applications

Allplastics Engineering offers a range of cast nylon rods, sheets and
tubes in Natural, Black (MOS2 filled) and Oil filled grades.

Cast nylon replaces bronze, cast iron, stainless steel and
aluminium cost-effectively in many industrial applications, minimising both
lubrication cost and component weight. Additionally, a precision machining
service is performed by experienced machinists utilising the latest CNC turning
centres and routers.

Cast nylon is suitable for a diverse range of industrial components
for maintenance as well as original equipment. These include wear pads, support
and guide wheels, conveyor rollers, top and bottom adaptors, sleeves for
wheels, rope pulleys, sheaves, hammer heads, insulators, feed screws, scrapers
and gear wheels.

Key features and benefits of cast nylon components include excellent
wear resistance, high mechanical strength, good fatigue resistance, high
mechanical damping ability, and good sliding properties.

Nylon 6 cast sheets:

  • Size
    (mm): 2000 x 1000 and 3050 x 1220
  • Thickness
    (mm): 10 – 100

Nylon 6 cast tubes:

  • Dimensions
    (mm): ID: 0 – 850; OD: 60 – 900
  • Length
    (mm): 1000

Nylon 6 cast rods:

  • Diameter
    (mm): 50 – 500
  • Length
    (mm): 150, 500, and 1000

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