M-TDC Thermomodule allowing plugless upgrade of thermocouple measuring points

Ipetronik introduces their new M-TDC Thermomodule, a device equipped
with a special contacting technology that allows the plugless upgrade of
thermocouple measuring points.

With this patented thermocouple direct connect (TDC) method, Ipetronik
facilitates the setup of thermocouple measuring points and helps customers
improve their workflow.

The unique M-TDC Thermomodule from Ipetronik allows plugless connection
between the measuring point and the module. The sensor cable is directly
inserted into the module, contacting and interlocking automatically. The PT100
sensors within each analogue input guarantee highly precise temperature

This contact is established with a special needle adapter within the
module. High connection forces guarantee uninterrupted contact even under harsh
conditions. The asymmetrical M-TDC cable cross-section assures reverse polarity
protection. These cables are coated and insulated with a very durable and
electrically insulated Teflon-based material, which is resistant to aggressive

Additionally, being heat- and cold-resistant, the cable can be used from
-160¡C up to +260¡C. The new cable and contacting system also offers solutions
for existing thermocouple sensors with subminiature thermoplugs. The M-TDC
adapter connector developed for these plugs provides an automatic latching
mechanism and establishes the connection to the M-TDC sensor cable.

The M-TDC module meets all quality requirements of protection such as class
IP65, shock, temperature, resistance and more, and fits seamlessly into the Ipetronik
hardware and software infrastructure. Form and casing match the M2 family so that
the M-TDC module can be operated in any system chain.

Ipetroniks is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics

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