LUXENDO’s new data processing and storage solution

Lux DATA, available from Scitech is a comprehensive data processing and
storage solution by LUXENDO.

Designed to effectively handle the vast quantities of data generated in
light-sheet microscopy, super resolution and two-photon imaging applications,
Lux DATA allows fast data transfer and large-capacity storage, as well as
remote access and high-performance processing of multidimensional image data,
leveraging multi-core and multi-GPU-based computation.

Lux DATA perfectly complements image acquisition with LUXENDO’s SPIM
microscopes, enabling all subsequent processing steps, and saving time and

Lux DATA features high-performance data processing and storage
components, including RAID storage unit connected via fast LAN to the LUXENDO
SPIM computer for rapid transfer of image data; high-performance image data
processing and computation unit; network components allowing high-throughput data
transfer between the units as well as convenient remote access; and easy integration
into the existing network infrastructure.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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