Lubrication-free igus telescopic guides for hygienic pull-out drawers

Treotham presents the new lubrication-free,
lightweight, compact and durable igus drylin NT-60 telescopic rails designed to
withstand loads up to 180N.

Using the new telescopic rails, drawers with a length
of up to 2,000 millimetres can be operated quietly in medical systems or
laboratory automation applications. To enable this, igus relies entirely on the wear-resistant
and easy-to-clean iglidur tribo-polymers for the sliding elements.

Telescopic rails are used everywhere to remove objects
from small spaces whether in drawers, vending machines or headrests. This is
possible because they consist of several rails that can be pushed together and
pulled apart. Treotham has now expanded its igus drylin NT telescopic rail
series so that users can rely on a lightweight and lubrication-free solution
even for higher payloads. With the new 60mm wide and 24mm high guide, full
extension, partial extension or overextension with an individual length of up
to 2,000 millimetres is possible.

The new drylin NT-60 system displays its advantages,
especially in medical technology. Here, solutions that are hygienic,
lightweight and easy to clean are in demand, which is why igus uses hard
anodised aluminium in the rails and sliding elements made of the
high-performance polymer iglidur J. The tribo-polymer ensures a smooth, even
and, above all, lubrication-free sliding of the guides. But the polymer sliders
have a few more advantages: they are quiet in operation and completely
maintenance-free due to the incorporated solid lubricants. By eliminating
grease, no dirt or dust adheres to the rails, minimising the risk of failure.
The telescopic rails can be easily and quickly cleaned with high pressure or
chemicals, an important criterion for use in hospitals.

carriage of heavy loads

All elements in the new drylin NT-60 guide that are subjected to bending stress are made of metal and have a high rigidity. A drawer test in the igus laboratory showed that two telescopic guides with an extension length of 400 millimetres can withstand static loads of up to 180N in the vicinity of the handle. By using sliding elements made of polymer instead of metallic balls, the adjustment guides can be installed horizontally as a classic drawer slide, and individually or parallel to each other.

“This gives the user variable options in the
design. The guides can be used indoors and outdoors because they are completely
corrosion-resistant,” explains Michael Hornung, drylin product manager at
igus GmbH.

size for low loads

In addition to drylin NT-60, Treotham also offers the
system in a width of 35 millimetres and a height of 19 millimetres. It allows
users to extend individual lengths up to 1,200 millimetres. Due to its compact form,
the drylin NT-35 telescope system is suitable for applications in small
installation spaces such as motor vehicles or camper vans. In addition to full
extension, partial extension and overextension, the NT-35 series also offers a
version with a latching option in the middle and end positions.

Apart from medical technology and laboratory
automation, the drylin NT telescopic guides can also be used in the
construction of vending machines, in interiors and shop fittings as well as in
furniture systems.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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