Lower downtime and longer service life with HepcoMotion’s extended GV3 range

T.E.A. Transmissions announces the addition of new components to HepcoMotion’s
flagship GV3 range that will reduce downtime and extend service life.

Committed to providing customers with an unrivalled choice of products,
sizes and options to cater for virtually any linear motion requirement, HepcoMotion
has now extended their GV3 range with new components that offer real benefits
to design engineers. Two of these new components, the new side access
adjustment carriage feature and twin taper roller bearings will be well
received by engineers looking to reduce maintenance time and extend service

Side access adjustment saves
valuable maintenance time

The addition of the new side access adjustment (SAA) carriage to the GV3
range of products is likely to be a popular choice for applications where
components are mounted to the carriage plate, or access is restricted. The SAA
reduces downtime as there is no need to remove mounted fixtures from the
carriage plate when adjusting the bearings. This is particularly advantageous
if the customer has complex components mounted to the carriage plate that would
be time-consuming to remove and then reattach. Engineers can simply adjust the
bearings with the fixtures in place to remove any wear or play, to return the
system to its original running condition.

SAA carriages are very convenient for maintenance as there is no need to
run the carriages off the end of the slide to remove – it can be done anywhere
along the slide, eliminating the need to dismantle part of the machine in instances,
for example, where the ends of the slide are blocked.

Engineers will find the SAA carriages very easy to set with adjustments made
via two screws located on the side of the carriage plate.

Twin taper roller bearings for
extended life

The new twin taper roller bearings in the GV3 range are ideally suited
to applications requiring higher load capacities. Physically the same size as
the standard √ò 54 bearing, the new twin taper roller bearing offers 10 times the
service life. These roller bearings also offer increased rigidity, a key
requirement in many applications that demand high precision. Twin taper roller
bearings are greased for life internally, with nitrile seals providing a high
degree of sealing against ingress of water or debris. Twin taper roller
bearings are only available in combination with SAA carriages.

Catering for a wider portfolio of applications, the new twin taper
roller bearings join Hepco’s current range of bearings comprising of standard,
slimline, vacuum and extreme temperature, and floating bearings.

Hepco’s floating bearings are proving to be a popular solution for applications
where two systems are mounted in parallel as they ‘float’ by up to ±1.25mm in
the axial direction, overcoming misalignment and avoiding binding of the linear
system. Set-up times are greatly reduced as floating bearings overcome the need
to accurately set opposing slides perfectly in parallel.

Hepco’s new catalogue for the
GV3 range

Hepco has launched a new colour GV3 product catalogue and an accompanying technical guide providing more
in-depth, technical details and additional components. Hepco has also produced
a series of six animations, highlighting the major benefits of V Guide
technology against ballrail systems. These can be accessed from the new GV3
online catalogue, or the Hepco website and on Hepco’s YouTube channel.

The new catalogue has been created to provide users with the information
needed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Designed with engineers in mind,
the new catalogue is inherently user friendly yet packed with an array of
comprehensive information.

In addition to the side access adjustment and twin taper roller
bearings, the new catalogue also features a host of products including vacuum
bearings, floating bearings, bleed lubrication, end stops and shock absorbers,
plus connectivity to Hepco’s range of aluminium profiles.

Please contact T.E.A. Transmissions on (07) 41292533 or sales@tea.net.au for assistance with selecting the right products for your application.

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