LMK Thermosafe enhances insulated heating jackets and IBCs to improve performance

performance improvements carried out by LMK Thermosafe on their insulated
heater jackets for drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are ensuring
the company stays ahead of the competition in the market.

at no additional cost to customers, LMK Thermosafe’s enhanced products now
feature a fully tested ingress protection rating and power boosts to standard

Fully tested ingress protection rating

extensive product development and testing, LMK Thermosafe’s standard insulated
heater jackets are now all IP44 rated, ensuring the jackets are protected
against objects more than 1mm in size and against water spray from all sides.

addition to the high level of liquid ingress protection, the company has also
incorporated the new Weatherheat seam sealing technology to create the first
IP56 rated insulated heater jacket that is virtually dustproof and able to
withstand high pressure hosing or the heavy seas.

Power increases to standard jackets

Thermosafe is adding more power to heat by increasing the wattage in the
standard HHD 205-litre insulated drum jacket by 10% to 1100w. Additionally, the
jacket now covers the full 850mm height of the drum.

intermediate bulk container heater jackets have also increased in power with
the IBC1, designed for keeping product warm in winter, getting a 7.5% increase
to 1400w; the IBC2, designed to heat product up to 60-70¡C, getting a massive
27% power boost at 2800w; and the IBC3 for really hard-to-heat products,
becoming 26% more powerful at 3990w.

Thermosafe’s insulated heating jackets and IBCs are available from SBH Solutions.

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