Light sheet microscope in a modular design

Scitech announces the release of
the Dual Inverted Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (diSPIM) system
developed by Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI).

Representing a new form of light
sheet microscopy, the diSPIM utilises two water emersion objectives mounted at 45-degree
angles above the sample on an inverted microscope. A third objective can also be
used to view the sample from below. The two objectives on top are mounted on
piezo positioning devices to obtain precise image stacks.

Micro-mirrors are used to
generate the light sheet. Illuminating only the focus plane, the diSPIM is
ideal for imaging living cells and organisms because it minimises photo-bleaching
and photo-toxicity effects.

The modular design of the diSPIM
allows many variations and add-ons based on the user’s specific requirements. The
complete system can be mounted onto an existing inverted microscope, or
supplied with ASI’s Rapid Automated Modular Microscope system (RAMM).

Key features of the diSPIM
system include low photo-bleaching (>10x reduction Vs confocal/spinning disk);
rapid 3D imaging with isotropic resolution (330 nm in all directions); ~2x
better axial resolution than confocal/spinning disk systems; acquisition rates
up to 200 planes per second; multicolour capability; and tested successfully on
cells embedded in collagen gels and nematode and zebrafish embryos.

Please visit the Scitech website at or call (03) 9480 4999. 

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