Lifting efficiency with HDPE rollers

Allplastics Engineering offers a custom plastic machining service for a
variety of industries in a wide spectrum of engineering plastics.

Food and materials handling industries mainly use high density and ultra
high density polyethylene rollers due to the food grade quality and associated
features of the material. The polyethylene rollers are preferred over steel
rollers in applications where factors such as weight, lubrication and friction
can impact production operations.

Allplastics stocks and machines HDPE and UHMWPE in rod and sheet.

HDPE rollers are non-corrosive, offer excellent abrasion resistance,
have a long lifespan, and can be used in almost any application where steel
rollers are used. Being lighter than steel rollers, HDPE rollers reduce
start-up costs on conveyor drives.

Key advantages of HDPE rollers also include recyclability, reduced vibration,
lower maintenance costs, damage to conveyor belts minimised, quieter operation
than conventional steel rollers, and better performance in harsh weather and
extreme environment applications.

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