Large Ezi-Duct dust collector installed in new Sydney pharma plant

Ezi-Duct recently completed the installation of a large dust collection
system into a new pharmaceutical plant located in the western suburbs of

The Ezi-Duct dust collection system installed at the new
state-of-the-art facility features nearly 60 pickup/collection points and an MDC
Polex dust collector with two EXE 110kW and one 7.5kW centrifugal high
efficiency fans, controlled automatically via three variable speed drives
(VSDs) fitted into the control panel.

The VSD is controlled by a pressure transducer fitted in the system’s
ducting. The pressure transducer signals the VSD to automatically lower the
power consumption of the fan when the machines connected to the dust collection
system are shut off. The VSD helps the customer reduce energy costs.

Additionally, Ezi-Duct’s TF series centrifugal high efficiency fans are
designed efficiently to provide around 40 per cent more performance than the
old-style centrifugal fans. This means Ezi-Duct’s new 110kW centrifugal high
efficiency fan outperforms an old style 150kW model.

The MDC dust collector units form the core of an extremely energy
efficient and powerful dust collection system. Top quality filter bags in the
dust collectors are continuously and automatically cleaned during operation using
a pulse of compressed air, maximising the efficiency of the dust collection

The MDC Polex dust collectors are fitted with rotary valves (air lock valves)
that feed waste directly into the customer’s waste bins. This feature allows
customers to empty or change the waste bins without turning the unit off or
shutting down the dust collection system, enabling the factory to maintain
continuous operation, thereby saving labour and reducing costs.

Ezi-Duct is a proud Australian manufacturer and designer of dust
collectors and fume extraction equipment. Ezi-Duct operates three factories
located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to manufacture and stock their quality

Ezi-Duct leads the Australian market in the field of dust collection and
fume extraction equipment with their comprehensive product range comprising of
dust collectors, fume extractors, spray booths, rotary valves and vehicle
exhaust hose reels among many more.

Ezi-Duct can also custom design and build dust
extraction systems to meet their customers’ specific requirements.

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