Kraus & Naimer focus on their range of changeover switches

Kraus & Naimer offers a range of open and enclosed changeover and
source selection switches designed to suit most applications including enclosed
Mains – Off – Gen switches with appliance inlet.

Displaying excellent performance characteristics, the switches exceed
the requirements of IEC 60947-3 with positive contact movement during making
and breaking functions. The switches have superior AC-3 and AC-23 making and
breaking capabilities and higher dimensioned air and creepage distances for 690
V or 1000 V providing additional safety advantages.

The flexibility and versatility of Kraus &
Naimer’s proven line of changeover switches can be enhanced with accessories
such as gold or silver auxiliary contacts, late break early make neutral
contact, base or panel mounting, door clutches, extension shafts, interlocks, pad
lockable devices and an extensive range of stainless steel, metal or plastic

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