Kraus & Naimer develops new switch disconnectors for photovoltaic DC applications

Kraus & Naimer presents new DC switch disconnectors for photovoltaic
systems designed to provide a safe means of disconnection for solar arrays. The
new Kraus & Naimer switch disconnectors for photovoltaic DC applications
meet AS/NZS 5033:2014 requirements.

Kraus & Naimer’s switch disconnectors KN909 (standard) and KN910 (large)
are particularly suitable for typical Australian and New Zealand installations.

Certificate of Compliance

AS/NZS 5033:2012. 1000VDC Rating

Authorised Marking: ESV 140583

Kraus & Naimer KFD25/KFD25B DC Switches

The stringent PV solar standard AS/NZS 5033:2012 requires DC switch
disconnectors to comply with Utilisation Category DC21B of AS/NZS 60947.1:2004
and IEC 60947.3:2008.

DC21B specifies certain test criteria including 2000 mechanical
operations, 300 of which are at 1.0 times the rated current, and 5 make and
break tests at 1.5 times the rated current.

On 15th August 2014, Kraus & Naimer KFD25 and KFD25B PV solar switch
disconnectors were independently tested and approved by the Director of Energy
Safe (Victoria). The switch disconnectors carry the Regulatory Compliance Mark
ESV 140583 to ensure compliance. The ratings apply for all K&N mounting
options and enclosures.

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