Kitchen and cabinet joinery upgrades to Ezi-Duct

A family owned and operated kitchen and cabinet joinery business in
Seven Hills, NSW recently installed a new dust extraction system from Ezi-Duct.

Installed by Dust and Fume Solutions, Ezi-Duct’s system included the
eCONO 15000HRV dust extraction system complete with a variable speed drive, a
pressure transducer and all-new steel and flex ducting. The eCONO is currently
connected to an SMC CNC with 1 x 300mm, 1 x 250mm and 3 x 200mm pick-up points,
and can support more connections if needed in future. An industrial centrifugal
fan with state-of-the-art design produces greater air volume at greater
pressure for less energy consumed.

Ezi-Duct’s eCONO 15000 is a powerful yet economical and compact dust
collector that deposits the factory’s dust waste directly into a wheelie bin,
simplifying dust disposal by eliminating any heavy lifting.

Key features of Ezi-Duct’s eCONO 15000 dust extraction system include modern
high efficiency fan, producing powerful suction of 15000 m³/h @ 2800 pa to
offer unmatched performance for energy consumed; 18.5kW WEG CE quality motor
ensuring fan noise levels are below WorkCover regulations for workers without
hearing protection; fifty 550GSM filter bags automatically cleaned every time
the dust collector unit is switched off; and built-in vibration motor switching
off after cleaning the filter bags.

Ezi-Duct is a proud Australian manufacturer producing modular ducting in
Australia at one of their three factories located in Melbourne, Sydney and

Call 1800 673828 for a dust collection expert to
visit your place for a quote. 

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