Keysight Technologies U5855A TrueIR Thermal Imaging Camera

Measurement Innovation is currently offering the Keysight U5855A IR camera at a
significantly discounted price when you purchase online. Find potential
problems more quickly with 320 x 240 pixels of in-camera fine resolution. The
U5855A is ideal for predictive maintenance activities, from hot spot detection
to thermal profiling in industrial or commercial applications and higher
temperature applications, such as welding, petro-chemical. Only from Keysight
can you get a 320×240 fine resolution thermal imager with image logging and
temperature trending capability at a lower price than the typical 320×240
thermal imager.

  • Identify abnormalities faster with 4x
    more in-camera fine resolution
  • Monitor temperature changes through
    image logging and temperature trending capabilities
  • Ability to focus on objects as close as
    10 cm away
  • Compact, lightweight, ergonomic
  • Measure temperature up to 350 ¡C
  • Easy-to-use customizable color palette
  • Configurable quick access buttons to
    easily change settings with one hand
  • Long product warranty – 3 years

The U5855A
is especially suitable to analyzing electronic circuit boards for short
circuits and opens, as its extremely short 10cm focal length allows you to
inspect surface mount components and identify hot spots with great detail.
Other applications include assessing the condition of remote area power battery
banks, identifying hot terminals instantly, as well as hot RF connectors on
radio repeaters and amplifier.

The U5850
series TrueIR thermal imagers have image logging capability, which enables you
to log images at an interval over a period of time. Together with the trending
analysis from the complimentary TrueIR Analysis and Reporting Tool, you can
easily conduct temperature profiling on your design, perform equipment failure
analysis or monitor machine performances. Download the TrueIR Analysis and
Reporting tool for free from Keysight’s website to import, analyze and edit
thermal images and quickly generate reports using ready templates. Learn how
this new test tool improves your efficiency on predictive maintenance tasks. View
our application notes and tips in thermography.

Innovation is Agilent’s exclusive distributor in Western Australia and the
Northern Territory. All models are available for purchase online from the
Measurement Innovation website. All models are supplied with 3 year Agilent
warranty and a calibration certificate.

and other Keysight products can also be rented from Measurement Rentals.

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