Ketterer moves heavy loads smoothly ensuring work to be conducted ergonomically

The globally successful
manufacturer Ketterer in Germany drives power products all over the world and is
one of the market leaders in the mechanical and motorised drive technology
sector. Ketterer provides innovative design
solutions by incorporating their working mechanisms including gears, motor
drives, electric motor spindle drives, manual spindle drives, lifting systems
(screens/cupboards) bevel gears and worm gears including controls, electronic
and software, together with individual product innovations and customer
specific solutions to meet customer specific requirements.

The following customer specific
solution has been developed for use with operating tables and X-ray tables, when
it’s particularly important that they be easy to handle and capable of carrying
heavy weights. Ketterer has developed a
linear drive that completely integrates into the lifting column of the
treatment table without any disruptive components sticking out. This enables
optimal freedom of motion for doctors and staff as well as unproblematic
treatment, even for heavy patients. Thus, the height adjustment system fulfills
all requirements for ergonomic work in doctor’s offices and clinics.

The drive’s linear motion is
generated by a gear, motor-spindle combination. The table’s height can be
adjusted seamlessly with a manual switch. Furthermore, the drive is extremely
quiet and maintenance-free – two major pluses in the field of medicine. The
compact drive is flexibly customizable for lifting columns of all sizes and for
varying load requirements, making it suitable for a whole array of further uses
– for example, in laboratories, workshops or even in kitchen furniture.

Please contact T.E.A. Transmissions
for information regarding Ketterer drives and lifting systems.

T.E.A. Transmissions


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