Keeping mines safe through paperless digital inspections

The mining industry is constantly exposed to accidents, with the
hazardous conditions in mines combined with dated processes compromising safe
operations. Even though there has been significant progress in the development
of new technologies for mining environments, mines continue to present a high
level of risk.

Mines have always been subject to pockets of gas and dust, which are highly
volatile and flammable. Intrinsically Safe (IS) devices were first used in this
industry as a solution for hazards caused by the use of certain instruments
around these substances. Inspections aim to ensure mines and equipment are in
top condition at all times. While printed paper checklists have become
outdated, IS devices are helping inspectors carry out their tasks efficiently
and accurately. Paperless solutions are showing mines the way forward with customisable
inspection checklists proving to be efficient and easy to use for managers and

IS-certified mobile devices allow inspectors to combine all the features
and functionalities of a smartphone with an appropriate inspection software application
to record their findings. For instance, the camera, speech-to-text and annotation
features on the device give inspectors a versatile input method, enabling inspection
checklists to become more detailed and accurate.

Mining environments are not conducive for Wi-Fi or 3G/4G signals when
carrying out safety inspections; however, advanced digital inspection
checklists address this problem through offline recording abilities. The GPS
timestamp function is also a great tool for mining inspectors.

Paperless solutions also represent a valuable inspection method for
those managing the process. In-depth analysis and metrics mean dynamic reports
can be created using the software. Data can be stored on the in-house server or
the cloud, eliminating the need to sort and file paper checklists.

The best way to avoid incidents in a mining environment is through accurate
digital inspection checklists.

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inspection solution for your business.

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