ITS 6041K Kronos HD from Metromatics

Instrumentation Technology Systems presents the ITS
6041K Kronos HD, a single purpose device that embeds a microsecond timestamp
and SMPTE time code (ST2-2) on each vertical sync event of a SMPTE, 292M or
424M SDI video stream.

Microsecond time is accurate to 1±1 µsec when
locked to the internal 12-channel GPS receiver and accuracy is 3±2 µsec when
locked to external IRIG B. SMPTE time-code is updated to 2 µsec precision on
each second. Frame count starts on each second and is incremented on each
vertical sync event. Time stamps will be inserted on VANC line 9 (Microsecond
Timestamp) and VANC line 21(SMPTE).

If a timestamp is present in the incoming video,
that timestamp will not be overwritten by the Kronos HD.

When a valid 4:2:2 encoded SDI video stream is
connected to the encoder, it will decode and automatically detect 720p, 1080i
or 1080p video formats at 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94 (3G) and 60 (3G) Hz frame rates.

The Kronos HD will begin forming and inserting
KLV packets immediately after synchronising with the SDI stream without any
operator intervention. A sealed pushbutton may be used to cause the time to be
optionally overlaid on the video frame in white, black, red or yellow in one of
the four corners of the frame.

A Camera Sync (-CS) option is available that
will phase lock to the time reference (GPS or IRIG), and after detecting the
format of incoming HD-SDI will automatically generate a reference phase locked
(GPS or IRIG) tri-level synchronisation pulse train matching the camera image
format and frame rate.

The Kronos HD is housed in a small (12.7 x 15.25
x 7.6cm) IPC 67 qualified enclosure weighing less than 1kg, and may be used
with any ITS 6980G-HD, 6055C-nGHD, 6520 Fusion VRI or other MISB compliant
decoder at the destination end to decode and display in the output video the
metadata time previously embedded in each VANC.

Key features of the Kronos HD include: Synchronises
time to external IRIG B reference or internal GPS receiver; Captures time
within 2 µsec of each vertical sync event in an SDI video stream; Inserts
microsecond timestamps in accordance with MISB 605.3 in KLV packets in VANC
line 9 on each frame; Inserts SMPTE ST2-2 timestamp KLV packets in VANC line 21
on each frame; Accepts HD and 3G SDI video sources per SMPTE 292M/424M; System
auto-selects the time reference, IRIG if present or GPS when locked; Overlay
time in one of 4 colours in one of four corners or no overlay (default); GPS antenna
input (SMA); patch amplified mag-mount antenna supplied; Small (3º” x 2_Ó x 7″)
IPC 67 package; 12 VDC 5 watts AC-DC converter (wall mount) available; Options:
Camera Sync (tri-level) output, USB C input/setup port.

For more information, please visit the Metromatics website or call (07) 3868-4255.

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