IoT ready CNC industrial control machines

CNC-based machining tools has been widely
adopted in the manufacturing business. Especially in the era of Industry 4.0,
the new development of manufacturing technology should consider intelligent
collaboration, process monitoring and management in real-time. As CNC operators
require a set of skills and qualifications, educators and trainers are looking
for engaging solutions to build these skills among their students for workforce

Bestech Australia offers training
solutions from MTAB which comprises combination of hardware, software, digital
learning platform and development program that allow the teachers to deliver
high quality education with scalability. The FLEX series machines (FLEXTURN and
FLEXMILL) offer high quality learning with affordability and also
easy-to-operate and compact. Due to these capabilities, they have been used for
the purpose of teaching and training in Research and small-to-medium volume
manufacturing business.

These machines also enable IoT
integration to monitor, manage and visualize data using cloud-based platform. A
wide range of sensors are mounted to the machine for data collection. The data
are used to build applications and analyze performance and condition of the

The MTAB FLEXMILL series is a compact
industrial 3-axis vertical CNC machining center used for precision part
machining and advance training for industrial CNC control. Built-in features
such as industrial tool changer, coolant system, panel cooler and automated
lubrication are included to closely simulate industrial applications. The
FLEXTURN series is a slant-bed lathe version for machining of smaller precision
parts. It also includes full industrial controllers and FMS automation
accessories, converting it into fully automated machine. Both machines are
offered with software and e-learning materials to further engage students and
make the learning process more dynamics.

CNC programming is also introduced
through CNCTrain software which can also be paired with learning curriculum
from Fanuc and Siemens. Students are also able to experience working manually
with control panel with manual data input hardware. In addition, they are also
able to learn the fundamental principle of CNC operation through virtual
machine simulator, CNC-MACHSIM. These comprehensive learning package will bring
much benefits for teachers to develop work-force ready operators for Industry

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