IO-Link Air Humidity and Temperature Sensor


Turck’s new condition monitoring sensor simplifies condition monitoring for rooms, machines and plants on site and in IIoT systems.

Turck is offering cost-effective condition monitoring in the field and in IIoT applications with its first combined air humidity and temperature sensor. The devices are very easy to integrate thanks to the IO-Link interface. With two measured variables, air humidity and temperature, in a single device the CMTH-M12 is ideal for use in the condition monitoring systems of machines and plants or for monitoring the climatic conditions in production halls and warehouses in a wide range of sectors – from manufacturing industries to the semiconductor and food industries, right through to agriculture. 

The sensor monitors two limit values ranges, each with a minimum and maximum value, for outputting a warning signal in the event of an out-of-range value. The bidirectional IO-Link interface can also be used for the transfer of cyclical user data as well as warning and status messages, such as operating hours. Conventional switching outputs are also provided as an alternative.  

When used in combination with Turck’s multiprotocol I/O devices, user data and analysis data can be transferred over separate Ethernet protocols. While the I/O modules transfer the user data to a higher-level controller via Ethernet/IP or Profinet, Modbus/TCP can be used simultaneously for analysis data. This information can also be provided for access worldwide via Turck’s edge gateways and cloud systems. 

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