Introducing the new R421-E2 telescopic ram

PT Hydraulics Australia announces the release of a new telescopic ram
from LUKAS featuring the eDRAULIC technology.

Launched in response to a demand from customers for a telescopic
eDRAULIC ram, the new R421-E2 is the world’s first telescopic ram with eDRAULIC
technology, and perfectly addresses the unique requirements of rescue situations.

An impressive new addition to the LUKAS range of rescue equipment, the
telescopic rams offer excellent lift in a compact design with maximum

A newly designed claw is a major feature in the R421-E2 ram, utilising a
geometric design to maximise grip in a wide range of positions on any kind of

LUKAS’ R421-E2 telescopic rams are ideal for vehicle extrication caused
by dashboard rolls or cross ramming; rescue work involving collapsed buildings
and natural disasters; raising and pushing back obstacles; and creating and
stabilising openings.

Key features and advantages of the R421-E2 telescopic rams include extended
length of 1347mm; maximum freedom of movement enabled; no separate extension
needed; powered by an optimised high-performance rescue battery; new claws with
improved geometry for even better grip; low weight at 19kg (without battery); and
designed to illuminate the work area in both directions.

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