Interface load button load cells from AMS

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration presents load button load cells from
Interface featuring a small size but delivering high measurement performance.

One of the smallest load cells offered by Interface in both diameter and
height, these specialised ‘miniature’ stainless steel load cells are small in size,
but big in measuring capacity, which can range from 5 lbf to 50,000 lbf. The
spherical radius design of Interface’s compression load button load cells (also
called load buttons) is frequently used in confined spaces to provide excellent
precision force measurement solutions.

There is a high demand from industries for accurate sensor technologies that
can be used in OEM applications such as medical devices, drones, industrial
automation, packaging and robotics. The engineered product designs of these smaller
applications require high performing load cells such as the low profile pancake
style load cells in a much smaller construction. Load button load cells are
also commonly used in test and measurement projects.

The two most popular load button load cells from Interface are their LBM
and LBS models. Here is a quick overview of Interface load button load
cell products that have diameters ranging from 25mm to 96mm, and heights
from 10mm to 38mm:

  • LBM compression load button load cell with
    capacities from 25 to 50k lbf, environmentally sealed and temperature
  • LBS miniature compression load button load
    cell with capacities ranging from 5 lbf to 1k lbf. It can be as small
    as 3mm in height
  • LBMP overload protected compression load button
    load cell offers overload protection and temperature compensation,
    and has a small diameter. Its capacities range from 0.01 kN to 100 kN
  • LBMU ultra precision compression load button load
    cell is superior in accuracy to any other load button with enhanced
    eccentric load rejection. Capacities are from 100 lbf to 1k lbf
  • MSC miniature column compression load button load
    cell uses Interface’s proprietary temperature compensated strain
    gages. It has a small compact design with low deflect.

For further information, please visit the AMS Instrumentation and
Calibration website or
call 03-9017 8225, or Freecall (NZ) 0800 442 743.

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