InteliHeat Flexiplus heating jackets for 25L, 50L, 100L container sizes

SBH Solutions Australia offers InteliHeat Flexiplus heating jackets from
LMK Thermosafe to fit containers of various sizes in hazardous area

Sizes A, B and C InteliHeat Flexiplus heating jackets are designed to
fit containers with capacities of 25L, 50L and 100L respectively. Ensuring safe
heating of containers even in hazardous areas, LMK Thermosafe’s ATEX Zone 1 and
2 rated heating jackets are ideal for gentle warming or to avoid winter freezing.

The new InteliHeat Flexiplus heating jackets are constructed with a
silicone coated glass cloth outer and high density fibreglass insulation. The
ATEX rated heating jackets ensure safe operating conditions are maintained even
in the presence of potentially explosive gases. No transformers are required as
the heating jackets operate using a standard 240V AC supply.

The InteliHeat Flexiplus heating jackets are designed to fit around containers
of 25L, 50L and 100L capacities. However, heating jackets are also available for
containers of other sizes.

A self limiting temperature of around 40¡C above the ambient temperature
will be maintained on the drum wall when operated at 240V. For lower
temperatures, the heating jacket may be fitted with a thermostat (0- 50¡C),
allowing the user to reduce the heating jacket temperature. 

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