InfraTec ImageIR 9400 infrared cameras with MicroScan

Scitech introduces the new ImageIR 9400 infrared camera series from
InfraTec featuring leading-edge MicroScan technology.

InfraTec ImageIR 9400 infrared cameras with MicroScan allow users to quadruple
the number of temperature measurement points on their measurement object,
helping them recognise more details on thermograms than ever before. The new
infrared cameras are suitable for microthermography in materials research as
well as a wide range of security related functions.

The modular design of the camera comprising of lens, detector and
interface modules enables users to customise their desired model and adapt it
to their respective application. Key features also include geometrical
resolution up to 2,560 x 2,048 IR pixels (5.2 MP), frame rate up to 177 Hz in
full-frame, and high durability for continuous industrial use.

The MicroScan technology in ImageIR 9400 infrared cameras delivers multiple
benefits including quadrupling the number of pixels; doubling the spatial
sampling rate and thus, the (spatial) Nyquist frequency of the measurement
system; dividing the pixel grid in half; reducing aliasing artefacts; and
increasing the quality of images.

For more information, please contact Scitech Pty. Ltd at (03) 9480 4999 or
visit their website.

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