Independently certified emergency systems lifting safety on site

Emergency systems from Enware are helping several industries ensure
safety for their workers on-site in the event of exposure to hazardous

Enware’s independently certified emergency systems are relied upon
throughout the mining, petrochemical, oil refinery, chemical manufacturing, and
handling and storage segments as well as in laboratories and hospitals for
providing the initial first aid treatment to workers exposed to hazardous

Enware emergency systems are designed to deliver an effective response
when accidents happen by enabling the affected person to wash the contaminated
part of the body as soon as possible.

Deluging water flow, ease of use and proven technology provide optimal
functionality, making Enware’s emergency products essential for minimising the effects
of injury.

Key features of Enware’s emergency systems include durable stainless
steel construction enhancing reliability and performance; yellow powder coated
activation points offering the high visibility feature important for
emergencies; self draining shower designed to minimise the risk of bacterial
growth, particularly in tepid water applications; and certified compliance to
Australian Standard AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1.

Enware offers a comprehensive range of emergency systems including emergency
showers, eye washes and eye/face washes, and multi-spray and decontamination

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