Incremental magnetic length measuring system from Treotham

The Elgo GMIX2 is an
incremental magnetic length measuring system available in Australia from
Treotham. This incremental sensor can be installed at a distance of up to 4mm
to the magnetic tape.

Suitable for
applications in storage or conveyor techniques for longer distances, the Elgo
GMIX2 measuring system features a resolution of 2.5mm (4 edge-triggered), a
repeating accuracy of ±2.5mm, and a maximum operating speed of 10m/s (output
frequency 4KHz).

Thanks to the
wear-free measuring principle based on magnetic scanning and the high IP67
protection rating, the sensor works reliably in rough environments.

The compact sensor
offers an integrated translator circuit, which converts the detected signals into
90¡ shifted square wave signals A and B (similar to the output signals of
rotary encoders). This allows the Elgo GMIX2 to be connected directly to
follow-up circuits, such as position indicators.

Please visit the Treotham Automation website at or call 02 9907 1788.

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