Impedance-based cell monitoring with new cellZscope2

Scitech introduces the new cellZscope2, a device designed to easily measure
the transepithelial/ endothelial impedance of cell layers under physiological

Developed by nanoAnalytics, the cellZscope2 has a broad range of
applications including the study of the influence of substances such as drugs
and toxins on the barrier function of cell layers.

The computer-controlled cellZscope2 allows automated, long-term
monitoring experiments with up to 24 different cell cultures simultaneously.
Various types of barrier-forming cells cultured on the permeable membranes of
standard cell culture inserts can be analysed.

Key features of cellZscope2 include automated TEER measuring system
compatible with all standard cell culture inserts; new electronics with
improved time resolution and sensitivity (< 5 Ω∙cm_); combination of
different well-sizes and insert types possible; new docking station for
hassle-free handling; no device-specific consumables required; and new design allowing
easy cleaning.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480

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