igus wear-resistant tribo-tape liners from Treotham

Treotham presents a range of lubricant-free sliding
films from motion plastics specialist igus for stressed surfaces. Designed to reduce
abrasion during linear movements, igus tribo-tape allows easy sliding with less
wear. The film is already being used in edge protection and product protection applications
by lining metal parts in packaging systems or conveyor systems. Being tribologically
optimised, iglidur tribo-tapes are extremely resistant to wear compared to
standard materials.

The igus tribo-tape films are used wherever a smooth,
silent, simple and lubrication-free sliding is required, for instance in
furniture construction for adjustments. iglidur liners also perform well in the
wood industry; they are used to simplify the operation of a saw when cutting
wood fibre insulation boards, with the tribo-tape ensuring easy movement of the
rotating stop on the saw blade. Since the iglidur liners are completely
lubrication-free, settling sawdust cannot stick to the guidance.

igus has further developed the adhesive backing to
increase the service life of the extremely wear-resistant films. A new adhesive
now provides even better adhesion of the film; being FDA-compliant, the adhesive
is also suitable for use in the food industry.

Tested in igus’ in-house test laboratory spread over
2,750 square metres, the tribo-tape films were able to prove their high wear
resistance. In a wear test against a stainless steel pin, all four tribo-tapes
scored up to 10 times better values compared to PTFE glass fabric and PTFE
bronze compounds. In addition, the materials display low abrasion, and lubrication-
and maintenance-free properties.

material A160

The blue liner made of the FDA-compliant iglidur
material A160 is highly resistant to media and meets the stringent requirements
for hygiene and safety in the food industry. Due to its blue colour, the
material is also visually detectable.

material B160

Featuring increased wear resistance, iglidur B160 in
black colour can also be discreetly assimilated in visible areas, for instance,
in the furniture industry.

material W160

Developed for hygiene-sensitive industries, iglidur W160
has antibacterial properties and is used in machines for dental hardening or
sterilisation. The material’s UV-stabilising additives ensure its properties do
not change even in light-induced oxidation.

material V400

Made from the high-temperature specialist iglidur V400
material, this tribo-tape is extremely heat-resistant and can be used at
temperatures up to 200 degrees, with adhesion up to 160 degrees. Due to its
extreme wear resistance, iglidur V400 is suitable for use at high loads and
temperatures and is also resistant to a variety of media.

tribo-tapes: universally applicable and easily cut

The iglidur liners A160, B160 and W160 are available
in standard widths of 20, 50, 100 and 500 millimetres and a thickness of 0.5
and 1 millimetre. The iglidur V400 is available in the standard width of 120
millimetres and a film thickness of 0.5 millimetre. All tribo-tapes can be
delivered with or without adhesive backing. In addition, Treotham offers the
cutting of special geometries or special widths.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website www.treotham.com.au or call 1300 65 75 64.

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