igus tribo-polymer iglidur E7 for energy-efficient plain bearings

Treotham is expanding its plain bearing range with the
very abrasion-resistant igus tribo-polymer material iglidur E7.

With specifications such as low coefficient of
friction and excellent vibration dampening, the tribo-polymer iglidur E7 has
already proven its strengths in the sliding elements of the drylin linear
technology from igus. Now the motion plastics specialist has also included the
material in its plain bearings catalogue range, allowing users to benefit from
iglidur E7 mechanisms with rotating or pivoting movements. The low coefficient
of friction of the material ensures smooth movements, reduces the required drive
energy and saves additional costs.

In times of advancing automation of the industry,
durable, cost-effective and above all, energy-efficient machine components are needed.
Since 1983, the motion plastics specialist igus has been developing tribo-polymers
for plain bearing technology that are free of lubricants and therefore, free of
maintenance. igus has a total of 57 iglidur materials including iglidur E7 in
its product range for various applications. The tribo-polymer has been used in
the sliding elements of drylin linear systems since 2012 and has been available
in dryspin lead screw nuts since 2018.

iglidur E7 has already proven itself in many
applications such as camera lenses, train doors and even 3D printers. Above
all, the user is convinced by the vibration-dampening specifications of the
tribo-polymers. igus has now further developed the material for its plain
bearing range. The iglidur E7 is specifically designed for low to medium loads
in pivoting movements and withstands surface pressures of up to 18 MPa in

“Due to the very low coefficient of friction of
the iglidur E7, the drive energy is reduced, saving costs for the user,”
explains Stefan Loockmann-Rittich, business unit manager of iglidur plain
bearing technology at igus GmbH. The new plain bearing material is suitable for
flap or sensor bearings, with applications in packaging, textile machinery and
furniture technology.

All iglidur materials are tested by igus in its in-house
3,800-square-metre test laboratory in more than 15,000 application-related
tests per year. The collected findings are incorporated in the online selection
aids such as the iglidur expert. In the test laboratory, iglidur E7 was impressive in
the pivot test at a speed of 0.01m/s and a load of 1MPa on all shafts with a
very low coefficient of wear of 0.3 to 0.8.

Currently iglidur E7 is available from Treotham as a
plain bearing in 12 standard dimensions. Further dimensions and customised
designs according to customer specifications are available on request. Even
special parts can be produced by injection moulding from tools made in the
conventional or print2mold method as well as from the appropriate bar stock.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website www.treotham.com.au
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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