igus motion plastics components making AGVs more fail-safe

In times of increasing digitalisation of factories and warehouses, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are continuously conquering intralogistics. The reliability requirements are high in order to ensure faster processing and unimpeded material flow. AGV manufacturers are therefore equipping their systems with igus motion plastics components from Treotham, which make the autonomous vehicles less maintenance-intensive, lighter and more energy-efficient.

The use of automated guided vehicles is booming. The reasons are
obvious: companies can use automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to increase the
efficiency of material flow, make work easier for employees or compensate for
the shortage of skilled workers. However, it is important that automation
technology is reliable and economical in use. Automated guided vehicles cannot
afford any failure in everyday operation. They have to work around the clock,
seven days a week, 365 days a year: A challenge for AGV manufacturers, which
can be overcome by combining reliable and cost-efficient components.

Tribo-polymer bearings reduce
maintenance costs

The reliability and energy efficiency of an AGV can be significantly
increased with igus motion plastics from Treotham.

“Lubrication-free and maintenance-free iglidur tribo-polymer
bearings, which are used in the tilting devices and scissor lifts of AGVs, are
up to 60 per cent lighter than metal bearings. This saves vehicle weight and
increases performance,” says Christian Strauch, industry manager material
handling at igus.

“Fibres and fillers reinforce the bearings for absorbing high
forces and edge loads. And integrated solid lubricants ensure a
maintenance-free dry operation.”

The bearings are extremely durable. In addition to tribo-polymer plain
bearings, the plain bearing range from Treotham also includes linear, slewing
ring, spherical and ball bearings.

Knapp Industry Solutions equips
AGV with igus lead screw modules

The igus AGV range also includes electrically driven lead screw modules.
The users include Knapp Industry Solutions, which produces the ‘Open Shuttle’,
a vehicle that drives autonomously through factory halls and transports boxes
between roller conveyors. The shuttle is more flexible than intralogistics
automation solutions of the past and can be quickly adapted to changing
processes. The roller tray of the vehicle must be flexible and able to
constantly adapt to different transfer heights. The movement takes place via
two light and robust drylin SLW lead screw modules, which are equipped with
maintenance-free polymer liners and lead screw nuts and score points with high
reliability and a long service life.

igus e-chains and cables
increase the operating times of AGVs

The installation spaces in AGVs are often very limited. Nevertheless, in
order to guide cables safely, Treotham offers energy chains with very narrow
bend radii. These include the E2 micro, which is designed for extremely tight
spaces. It is light, has a small bend radius and an inner height of only five
millimetres. Treotham also has the matching igus e-chain cables in its product
range, with or without plug-in connectors, including those that can be used in
AGVs operating in cold storages at temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius.

In order for the customer to be sure that the data and energy supply of their
AGV is working reliably even under these adverse conditions, igus operates a
cold chamber in Cologne where the cables are tested under real conditions. The
chamber is part of the 3,800-square-metre igus test laboratory, where two
billion test cycles are completed annually. As a result, igus is the only
provider capable of offering a unique guarantee of 36 months on its cables.
This gives AGV manufacturers as well as their customers, additional reliability
in the operation of automated guided vehicle systems.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website www.treotham.com.au or call 1300 65 75

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