iglidur tribo-polymer coating for wear-resistant sliding

For lubrication-free sliding in a very small space,
igus has now developed three new coating materials made of maintenance-free
tribo-polymers for metal components such as metal sheets, valves or even
shafts. Users who do not have enough space to install a plain bearing can now
choose this wear-resistant, compact and cost-effective solution from igus.

The demand for space-saving machines is growing
unceasingly in industry. Consequently, technical design engineers are creating
small machines and equipment for applications where installation space is at a
premium. When it comes to components, more solutions are called for in the area
of plain bearing technology as every single millimetre counts.

In order to meet the new requirements in the area of
mechanical engineering, igus has made use of its decades-long experience in the
development of tribologically optimised plastics and has now developed three
new maintenance-free and lubrication-free tribo-polymers as coating materials, especially
for very small installation spaces.

Treotham now offers lubrication-free iglidur plain
bearings, the iglidur coating service for metal surfaces with the material
iglidur IC-01 as well as the new IC-02, IC-03 and IC-06 materials.

installation space due to coating

The installation space needed for a plain bearing can
be reduced through a coating, making it ideal for small and compact machines
and equipment. Thanks to the polymer coating, the surface of moving components
is extremely durable and wear-resistant. The surface is also corrosion-free and
resistant to chemicals thanks to the tribo-polymers. The coatings are used in
valves and pumps as well as for guide plates and guide systems.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website www.treotham.com.au
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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