iDart internal dart valves from Dual Valves Australasia

eDart, represented in Australia by Dual Valves Australasia now offers the popular iDart self-contained internal dart valves designed to be dropped into the installation.

iDart internal dart valves are easily installed by simply bolting down the mounting plate and seat, followed by adjusting the positioner to calibrate it. Additional internal guide plates are not required as the guiding and stability is done on the plug head.

TriDart valves are recommended if the tank is less than 2 metres in depth.

iDart internal dart valves feature a mild steel body with polyurethane protected shafts and mounting bars. All wetted parts in the valve are polyurethane protected.

The valves find application in large flotation machines, deep distribution boxes for integral head guiding, splitter boxes, distribution boxes and conditioner tanks.

iDart valves are available in standard sizes of 200mm to 400mm. The valves can be customised to suit specific needs and plant layout.

Key features of iDart internal dart valves:

  • Self-contained design
  • Factory assembled, aligned and calibrated prior to shipment
  • Modulating control or On/Off applications
  • Fully customisable design
  • Suitable for tanks in excess of 2m deep
  • Anti-rotation device
  • Stroke indication
  • Supplied with or without an actuator
  • Actuator options include Smart (HART, Profibus), Electro-Pneumatic (4-20mA) and Pneumatic (20-100kPa) Positioner
  • Option: Bias Spring Fail Closed, Fail Fixed or Double Acting

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