I-SPEED 7 high speed camera series from Scitech

Scitech announces the release of the ground-breaking I-SPEED 7 high
speed camera series from IX Cameras.

Designed specifically for demanding scientific applications in the fields
of research and engineering, the new premium range of cameras in the I-SPEED 7
series provides the perfect balance of ultra-high resolution including high
pixel density for accuracy and the ability to magnify detail, and
lightning-fast recording speeds that capture the fastest transient events
without any blur.

Key features of the I-SPEED 7 high speed cameras include market-leading 13-26
GPixels/second recording rate; custom-designed 3.1 MP image sensor enabling
users to use digital zoom as a means of capturing both temporal and spatial
details; swappable SSD flash memory cartridges (500 GB/1 TB) allowing users to
move very large data files quickly and easily; and unique CDUe software
facilitating the use of a portable touchscreen LCD monitor (10.8″ high res) for
quick recordings, saving images to internal and external SSD, and slow playback
at a few touches.

The battery powered I-SPEED 7 camera offers up to an hour’s operation
per charge, and has a real-time health monitoring system to give the user an in-depth,
up-to-date account of the camera’s internal environment.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website
www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480

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