i-SPEED 2 high resolution high speed cameras from iX Cameras

Scitech presents the i-SPEED 220 and i-SPEED 221 from iX Cameras,
representing a class of small footprint, easy-to-use, low-cost and very
high-resolution high speed cameras.

Featuring a high-resolution 1600×1600 CMOS fast-transfer sensor that allows
the imagery of minute details when zoomed in, the cameras deliver the maximum
full frame rate of 600 fps with both a global exposure shutter and optional G-shock
housing. These features make the i-SPEED 220/221 high speed cameras ideal for
robotics, auto-crash testing, graphics inspection, 3-D biomechanics, web
inspection, and more.

The i-SPEED 220/221 high speed cameras fit in a briefcase, consume
little power and create extremely nice images that can be zoomed and analysed,
and also simply transferred via Ethernet. The 1-hour battery that comes
standard on the model 221 coupled with a standard laptop makes this camera
ideal for untethered portable field work. The optional Hi-G shock package adds
a layer of rugged durability.

The iX Cameras i-SPEED 2 high speed cameras provide a wide variety of
storage levels from 2, 4, 8 and 16GB, allowing for everything from discrete
transient event capture to extended full resolution record times of over 11
seconds. The cameras come in either a mono or colour version.

Control 2 Series software provides a complete user-friendly interface
for recording, playback, and editing of i-SPEED 2 high-speed videos. This
powerful camera control software has been developed specifically to handle
large amounts of data, fast transmission, and ultra slow motion in videos
recorded at up to 200,000 frames per second. Control 2 Series is ideal for a
wide range of video applications, including manufacturing and process
automation, quality assurance testing, research and development and

Key features also include certification to 100 G shock, 10 G vibration,
long recording times with up to 16 GB memory (Model 221 only), small package to
fit easily on microscopes and in tight spaces, as well as global exposure
shutter and interchangeable C-mount lenses.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480 4999.

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